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The journey to this new planet saved the animals lives. They landed safely and were so excited and amazed about this new planet. They soon realized that this planet is square and not round like many other planets.
Phase 1
When the Doubnimals reach the planet on their amazing journey they will then be offered up for adoption.
Phase 2
Parts of the 6 sides of the planet will then be offered for sale.
Phase 3
Doubnimal cartoons will be created, with your doubnimals. Your name will be associated with your character if you wish.
Phase 4
The Doubnimal game will be released.
Phase 5
We will be opening a unique animal rescue park complete with a water dog park and a cat park. All owners of our nfts will have unlimited free access to the park. All services including veterinary services for your pet as well as a pet store items will be offered to nft holders at a discount. Architectural Plans for the park will be released shortly.
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